Two years ago I stopped updating this comic because life got in the way and it has taken a whole (1) pandemic to get me to update it. But update it I HAVE GONE AND DONE!

Quick little update on my life since I updated this comic last. I have a new job. And one or two new friends. Plus a whole new pandemic. None of these new friends are named Jeff though. Sigh. The search continues…

But that is enough about me!

Holy crap it feels good to be back with these friends! Wow.

I almost forgot where we were when we last saw them. For instance, why is ninja cat inside Rolf? What prompted this bizarre(er) set of circumstances? Heck, whilst we are at it why is a Ninja Cat friends with a whale named Rolf? How did they even meet?

To be quite honest with you guys, maybe start at the beginning. Even if you have read it all before it might be nice to refresh the ol’ memorials.

I solemnly vow to update this comic again before the next pandemic. This is an actual VOW punishable by DEARTH. And everybody knows that dearth is the last thing you want to be punished by. I just shuddered thinking about it.

Well, I hope you enjoy the comics I make here at Nincat and Rolf the Whale dot com. I sure do like making them.