And once more he rises from the depths, lays a single comic at your feet and begs for forgiveness.

This has been an interesting year. And by interesting, I mean super fucking busy. It is September. Sep-fucking-tember! I am shooken to mine core.

Fun fact about this comic is that I didn’t realise krill were crustaceans until I was about to post this comic. This is why they look like fish. Because I may be smart enough to check my work before posting BUT I am still lazy enough to do the bare minimum when changing it. It is funny though, because I wouldn’t have designed them like this but I actually really like how they turned out.

This life throws out crazy surprises sometimes eh?

ANY WAY. How about this Rolf the Whale guy? He just loves to eat yo!

And I wouldn’t worry about the krill. There are plenty fish(aceans?) in the sea


For now…