The beginning

This is the beginning of Ninja Cat and Rolf the Whale. The first comic obviously features a fish. I may or may not be too good at writing tales? Hopefully we can find out what is going on together.

A fish?

Jun 20, 2013The Beginning
Jun 21, 2013Tonselitus
Jul 09, 2013Mistimed jump
Jul 16, 2013The fall
Jul 24, 2013Is this the end?
Aug 06, 2013TONSEL GRAB!

Ninja cat, Rolf. Rolf, Ninja cat.

Sep 01, 2013Down here...
Sep 12, 2013The first hiss
Oct 08, 2013I love you, uvula
Oct 29, 2013I spy...
Nov 17, 2013Pancakes

A friendship blossoms

A friendship blossoms! In this chapter we find that a cat and a whale can find common ground between them. Even if that common ground happens to be Rolf's back! We also discover that Ninja Cat is actually a ninja, which shouldn't have been as much of a surprise for some...


Mar 03, 2014Trees company
Apr 08, 2014Jaws
Apr 21, 2014Oh Christmas tree

Aimlessly drifting...

A new friend

Jan 28, 2015Is that LAND?
Feb 04, 2015Nope. Not land.
Apr 08, 2015Oh snap!
Apr 20, 2015The pact.
May 20, 2015What's in a pound?

Oh hell! Rolf's not well?

Oh hell! Rolf's not well? This chapter reveals that as much as Rolf enjoys Ninja Cat's company he has been in pain ever since Ninja Cat's arrival. Can these two put their heads together and figure out a way to help Rolf? Even if the solution might be a little undesirable...

I think I'm getting sick...

In my mouth?

Mar 01, 2017I'm being selfish
Jun 13, 2017Going in!
Jun 30, 2017Is this the end?

Deeper inside